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Glimmer Feelings – Sharing (Part 3)

Glimmer feelings, those fleeting moments of joy and contentment, have a unique power when shared with others. As a woman navigating through your encore years, these shared moments can create deeper connections, enhance relationships, and foster a sense of community, multiplying the joy they bring.


Glimmers in Relationships:

Personal relationships can be significantly enriched by sharing glimmer feelings, whether with family, friends, or even acquaintances. As simple as sharing a moment of laughter, recounting a pleasant experience, or expressing gratitude for a small kindness, shared glimmers reinforce your own positive experiences and spread happiness to others. They act as bridges, fostering understanding, empathy, and deeper emotional connections.


Community Glimmers:

Beyond personal relationships, glimmers can play a vital role in community interactions. Participating in group activities, such as community gardening, local book clubs, or volunteering for a cause, can provide numerous opportunities for shared glimmers. These activities offer personal fulfillment and contribute to the collective well-being, creating a network of shared positivity and support.


Sharing Glimmers with the Next Generation:

One of the most meaningful aspects of sharing glimmers is the opportunity to pass on the wisdom of finding joy in the little things to younger generations – like teaching grandchildren a cherished family recipe, sharing stories from the past, or simply spending quality time together. These intergenerational exchanges become precious memories and teach valuable lessons about finding and sharing joy.


Glimmers as a Catalyst for Social Engagement:

Engaging with others through shared glimmers can be particularly rewarding for women in their encore years. It presents an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, meet new people, and form new friendships. These shared experiences can be empowering, breaking down feelings of isolation and building a sense of belonging and purpose.


The collective power of glimmers lies in their ability to connect us with others, creating a tapestry of shared joy and mutual support. For women in their encore years, these shared moments of positivity are not just pleasant experiences; they are a powerful tool for building and strengthening relationships, fostering community bonds, and enriching your own life and those of others. Embracing and sharing glimmer feelings can lead to a more joyous, connected, and fulfilling life.

This joy-filled journey is about more than just coping with changes – it’s about thriving!

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I truly do believe that joy is more than just a feeling — it’s a vital nutrient for your soul. Just like how vitamins nourish your body, joy nourishes your spirit, uplifting your mood, sparking creativity, and filling your days with positivity (also known as “glimmers”). Imagine waking up every morning with a heart full of joy, ready to embrace each day’s possibilities. That’s the power of the joy vitamin.

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