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Glimmer Feelings – Discovering (Part 1)

In this journey called life, especially as you step into your encore years, finding joy in the smallest moments becomes more critical. I teach Does Your Life Pass the Joy Test™; part of that is noticing the glimmers. Glimmers are fleeting instances of positivity and happiness that often go unnoticed but can profoundly impact your overall well-being. Glimmers make you feel joy, happiness, peace, and gratitude.


The Science Behind Glimmers: 

Psychological research underlines the importance of recognizing and appreciating positive experiences, no matter how small. Glimmers are not just pleasant moments; they are powerful tools that counterbalance stress, anxiety, and the challenges of daily life. They act as natural mood boosters, enhancing our resilience and emotional health. In a world that often emphasizes the big and the grand, glimmers remind us of the beauty and joy in the ordinary and everyday.


Simple Glimmers in Daily Life:

What constitutes a glimmer can vary significantly from person to person. For some, it might be the serene quiet of early morning, the gentle rhythm of a garden, or the comfort of a well-loved book. For others, it’s the laughter shared with a friend, the satisfaction of a well-executed recipe, or the surprise of a kind gesture from a stranger. These moments, though brief, carry a weight of positivity that can uplift and inspire.


Integrating Glimmers into Routine:

To make the most of your glimmer feelings, it’s essential to cultivate an attitude of mindfulness and gratitude. Being present in the moment allows you to recognize and appreciate these joys as they occur. Keeping a glimmer journal can be a practical approach (but it’s not for everyone). By writing down your glimmer moments, you relive the joy they brought and create an inventory of happy memories to look back on. Another way is to share your glimmers with friends or family, which reinforces these positive experiences and helps spread joy and positivity.


Creating Your Glimmer Moments:

Creating your glimmers can sometimes be as fulfilling as stumbling upon them. This could involve setting aside time for activities that bring you happiness, like gardening, painting, or simply enjoying a quiet cup of tea. It’s about consciously creating spaces and opportunities in your day for joy to seep in.


As you navigate through your encore years, embracing the concept of glimmer feelings can be transformative. It’s about shifting focus from pursuing grand achievements to recognizing the beauty in everything, big and small. This approach to life doesn’t just add joy to your days; it enriches your understanding of happiness and how to find it. By recognizing and valuing these fleeting moments of joy, you pave the way for a more contentment, satisfaction, and happiness-filled life.

This joy-filled journey is about more than just coping with changes – it’s about thriving!

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I truly do believe that joy is more than just a feeling — it’s a vital nutrient for your soul. Just like how vitamins nourish your body, joy nourishes your spirit, uplifting your mood, sparking creativity, and filling your days with positivity (also known as “glimmers”). Imagine waking up every morning with a heart full of joy, ready to embrace each day’s possibilities. That’s the power of the joy vitamin.

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