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Glimmer Feelings – At The Crossroads (Part 2)

Life’s crossroads, particularly those encountered in your encore years, bring emotions and challenges. During these transitions — be it retirement, a change in living situations, health issues, or even embarking on a new venture — the concept of ‘glimmer feelings’ becomes incredibly important. These tiny sparks of joy can guide and uplift you during times of change.


Identifying Personal Glimmers:

During significant life shifts, identifying personal glimmers becomes an essential exercise. What brings you joy and satisfaction can change over time. For many women stepping into a new phase of life, these glimmers might include the discovery of a long-forgotten hobby, the peace found in morning walks, or the pleasure of learning something new. It could be the joy of spending time with grandchildren, the excitement of planning a solo trip, or the fulfillment of volunteering. These moments, unique to each person, act as beacons of light, guiding through the transition.


Glimmers in Letting Go and Moving Forward:

Embracing life’s changes often requires letting go of the past and moving forward with an open heart. In this context, Glimmers are gentle reminders of the joys that still exist and the new ones that await. They could manifest in the relief of decluttering and simplifying life, the thrill of embarking on a new adventure, or the serenity found in quieter, slower days. Recognizing these glimmers helps adapt to change, finding comfort and excitement in the new rhythms of life.


Building a Glimmer-Filled Life Post-Career:

Creating a life filled with glimmers after a significant transition like retirement involves intentional effort. It’s about staying curious and open, and seeking out experiences that bring joy. This could mean joining new clubs, taking up creative pursuits, or indulging in long-delayed dreams. It’s also about finding joy in the everyday – a shared joke, a beautiful sunset, or the tranquility of a favorite spot.


Glimmers as Anchors During Uncertainty:

Glimmers can act as anchors during times of uncertainty and change, providing stability and hope. They remind us that moments of joy and contentment are always within reach despite the upheaval. Whether finding a new community, rekindling old friendships, or simply enjoying the luxury of time, these glimmers reinforce the positive aspects of life’s transitions.


Acknowledging and cherishing glimmer feelings can be transformative for women at a significant life juncture. These small moments of joy, often overlooked in the hustle of everyday life, become particularly poignant during times of change. They remind you of life’s beauty and potential, encouraging an optimistic outlook as you navigate the new and unfamiliar. Embracing these glimmers can pave the way to a fulfilling, joyous, and meaningful encore phase of life.

This joy-filled journey is about more than just coping with changes – it’s about thriving!

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