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Finding Joy In Smaller Moments

ife is a serious business and can wear you down. We all have so many demands placed on us that it can be difficult to have fun.

Getting a bit of a boost now and again is a must.

Sometimes, you need to be reminded to step back and enjoy the smaller moments in life. Here are a couple of simple steps you can use now to get you started.

  1. Take Time Out for Yourself.

    Sometimes, it feels like you’re constantly available, always trying to connect with people and hit your goals.

    It’s important to take time out for yourself and be alone to properly process your thoughts. Take some time away from the office, your laptop, your family, and your calendar full of commitments.

    Go for a walk in nature and take pleasure in feeling the wind on your face or in your hair.

    Enjoy the cozy spot at that coffee shop you’ve been meaning to go to. Order your favorite drink and watch the world go by.

    Take a moment to look at the frost on a cold winter’s day.

    Take some time to embrace solitude. Look at all the little things in life you may never have stopped to consider before.

  2. Practice Forest Bathing.

    This is a Japanese practice of being mindful of nature, a process of relaxation, and boosting health and well-being. It’s also a stress reliever. While the Japanese practice is among trees (hence forest bathing), it can be done anywhere in nature. The point is the mindfulness and connection to yourself and the world around you.

    Get up early one morning and watch the sunrise. Or pack a picnic and watch one of nature’s marvels unfold in front of you in the sunset.

    Appreciate the sounds, sights, and beauty of something out of your control. You can’t decide when these beautiful moments will happen – all you can do is sit and appreciate them. Be tranquil and enjoy the moment.

    You’ll find peace while watching sunrises, sunsets, and even waves crashing at the beach. Be still, clear your mind, and enjoy every color in the sky, every sound the wind makes, and every feeling you can savor.


  1. Be Curious.

    When you take time out of your hectic schedule, indulge and be curious about the world. Walk in your city and visit the building or historical site you’ve always meant to visit.

    Visit a museum or an exhibition you normally wouldn’t. The freedom you have in life to try new things, be bold, and challenge yourself brings you joy.

  2. Volunteer.

    Notice the world around you. What can you do to help make it a better place?

    Consider volunteering to support those who are in need. You’ll find joy in giving back to your local community and knowing you’re making a difference.

    Even the act of supporting and guiding others will give you a boost. Enjoy those tiny, worthwhile human interactions that make life vibrant and exciting.

Whether you’re watching a sunrise or a sunset, whether you’re experiencing a new hobby for the first time, or are simply enjoying the beauty nature has to offer, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the smaller moments in life. Be bold and be adventurous.

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I truly do believe that joy is more than just a feeling — it’s a vital nutrient for your soul. Just like how vitamins nourish your body, joy nourishes your spirit, uplifting your mood, sparking creativity, and filling your days with positivity (also known as “glimmers”). Imagine waking up every morning with a heart full of joy, ready to embrace each day’s possibilities. That’s the power of the joy vitamin.

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