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Creating New Traditions For Your Encore

For most people in the U.S., there are traditions surrounding Thanksgiving (and almost every other holiday.) You gather with family and friends, have special celebrations at work, and share holiday-related goodies. What happens when work is no longer in the picture? For many women in their encore years, life changes dramatically when going to the office, and being with others is no longer part of your life. Now what?

The beauty of this time of life is that you get to write the rules. Your encore, your rules! I like the way that sounds. You don’t have to wait for November to celebrate Thanksgiving. Hallmark does Christmas in July every year. It’s your turn.

This year, we started a new tradition in our home — Spring Thanksgiving. We celebrated in April. Initially, we chose to do this because one of our “regulars” couldn’t join us for the “real” holiday, so we told her we’d do another one in the spring. It also gave us a chance to have others with traditions of their own join us that day — not many others do a spring Thanksgiving, so we don’t conflict with other traditions for the day.

As it turns out, everybody at the table loved the food, company, conversation, and laughter. We decided on the spot to make it an annual event, which was loudly applauded. I love this because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and now I get to do it twice. (My encore, my rules!)

Plus, it means I get to cook some of the things I used to do only once a year — like my Mother’s 47-ingredient stuffing. And I get Thanksgiving leftovers (one of my favorite parts of the day) twice a year.

Here’s the thing: We make so many special foods to enjoy only once a year for a specific holiday. Foods we love! Why do we wait for them? Starting a new tradition gives us the chance to experience more of what we love, be it food or people. Especially in your encore years, you’ve been around long enough and seen enough to know how precious life is. Now is the time to celebrate life, to celebrate you.

Start your own traditions. Make it a “Christmas dry-run.”  Make up your own holiday. Celebrate a “things I love” day. There are no rules. Your encore, your rules! Remember?

What new tradition are you going to start this year?

How will you bring more joy, more of what you love, into your life?

There are no rules, no limits — it’s all about you!


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